About Us

Joe & Jill’s has been created by a team of cat people for cats. The office is full of people wearing cat t-shirts and brushing cat fluff off their trousers, and we only allow people to work here if they passionate cat lovers (we’re not sure if that’s allowed under EU employment law, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take!)

The team is led by vet Joe Inglis, who you might remember from Vets in Practice and The One Show on TV (yes, he’s the one that invented the grassboard many years ago!) Joe makes sure that everything we do helps to make cats healthier and happier, and is in charge of developing the recipes alongside our team of experienced nutritionists.

We’re only a small team but we’re absolutely committed to cats and we believe that our products are the very best cat foods in the world – it’s a bold claim but we’re sticking to it!

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