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Caroline and Suki

Suki, a Norwegian forest cat has won a year’s supply of Joe & Jill’s!

Suki’s dream of winning a year’s supply of her favourite cat food has come true!

Three year old Suki from Lancashire is the lucky winner for February’s ‘Win a year’s supply of Joe & Jill’s’ competition!

Caroline Scott, Sufi’s owner said, “ My Norwegian forest cat Suki is about 3 years old and the most loving, affectionate little girl around. She has been on the Joe & Jill’s natural cat food since a very long time and absolutely loves it. We are really very pleased to learn that we have won a year’s supply of Suki’s favourite food!”

Congratulations Suki– we hope you enjoy our food! Thank you very much to everyone else who took time out to enter.

If you would like to enter our monthly competition to win a year’s supply of our delicious food for your cat – all you need to do is to send us a proof of your purchase stamp from the side of a pack of Joe & Jill’s.  And who knows your cat could wake up one morning to find that their cherished dream has come true.

To find out more about the competition please click here….


cat tattoo

‘I had my pet cattooed’

Animal rights campaigners have reacted with fury after a vile pet owner decided to give his cat a tattoo matching his own.

In a disgusting stunt Timur Rimut, from Tatarsan, Russia, filmed himself permanently marking his hairless sphinx Coco with the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, which is Latin for ‘seize the day’.

The 24-year-old artist has the same tattoo on his chest and drew the design on the poor animal in pen before sedating her and branding the cat for life.

But to add insult to injury, it appears he misspelled the famous phrase, scrawling ‘Carpe Deem’ on Coco’s chest instead.

‘We are shocked to see these images. As a charity that cares passionately about cats and seeks to inform the public about responsible pet ownership, we do not agree with people treating pets as fashion accessories in anyway,’ a spokesman for UK charity Cats Protection said.

‘Animals should be anaesthetised for veterinary reasons only, not cosmetic purposes. We hope that people will realise that it is unacceptable to treat animals in this manner.’

The video is so graphic MailOnline has decided not to publish it.

Rimut also has a tattoo of his cat, showing the new tattoo, on his own forearm.

The video has been posted on You Tube, and attracted a flurry of angry complaints.

Source: Daily Mail

hilary mog

Villagers rally round to shelter 20-year-old cat

Every decent pub has its regulars, but when it closes they’re often left with no-where to go.

Hilary the cat was one such case. She was left high and dry when her favourite haunt, the Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchland, Northumberland, shut up shop.

For more than two decades Hilary, who became something of a celebrity in the quaint medieval village, had lived in the garden and got fed tasty morsels by hotel staff.

But since the hotel and pub closed down three weeks ago, the poor cat hasn’t been getting her little treats from its kitchen.

So villagers stepped in and rallied round to help the 20-year-old feline and make sure her cosy home in the hotel’s boiler yard has stayed open. Neighbour Kath Lennon has even taken to delivering meals to her twice a day.

Ms Lennon said: ‘Hilary is one of the village’s best-known characters – to both residents and visitors.

‘Nobody’s sure how long she’s lived here but it’s definitely well over 20 years,’ she said.

‘People come around specially to say hello to her and visitors remember her.

‘She’s been a big part of the hotel and the village for so long that we simply couldn’t let her go hungry.

‘I was in the hotel bar on its last night before closure and asked what would happen to Hilary.

‘Everybody wanted to make sure she was alright and I volunteered to feed her.’

The owners of the 12th Century hotel, J&G Inns, went into administration two months ago and it closed at the end of January, with long-term refurbishment on the table.

Source: Daily Mail


Lookalike to Postman Pat’s cat Jess

CAT-LOVER Laura Hadley enjoys nothing more than seeing her beloved pets in the spotlight.

And her playful moggie Jynx loves it just as much after landing second place in a look-a-like competition.

The three-year-old was voted as one of five runners-up in the ‘Spot The Difference’ contest to find the feline who looks most like Postman Pat’s black and white cat Jess.

More than 50 cats were entered into the nationwide competition with Jynx receiving 159 votes in the online competition.

Owner Laura, of Cumberbatch Avenue, Fegg Hayes, decided to enter Jynx into the competition after spotting an advert in a national cat magazine.

The 28-year-old, who has nine other cats, said: “I thought Jynx resembled Jess because of his little pink nose, but a lot of people have told me he looks more like the Felix cat from the adverts.”

The competition was launched by the cat pain awareness campaign Spot The Signs, which aims to raise awareness of illnesses in cats.

Laura had Jynx from a rescue centre in North Wales when he was two years old and since then he has settled in well with the other cats.

But it has not been all plain sailing for Jynx as he was shot in the neck with an air gun at point-blank range in 2011.

He needed emergency surgery to remove the pellet and spent 10 days on antibiotics to help him recover.

Laura, who is currently unemployed, added: “He is fine now. He is mischievous, boisterous and bounds around all day.

“He has such a loveable soul and very gentle.”

Laura, who lives with her partner John Bright, aged 32, had her first pet when she was 17 years old.

She said: “I love cats, I love their different characteristics and their independence. All of my cats are very different in their own ways and I enjoy watching them play together.

Source: This is Staffordshire


fearless cat

He’s no scaredy-cat!

It looks like a good way for this cat to become a tasty snack.

But when the bold feline decided to take on an alligator in New Orleans, he came out remarkably intact.

He chose to take on the reptile at an wildlife park just as it was trying to eat some chicken, and began raining blows on its snout.

Tourists on a Cajun Pride Swamp Tour, looked on stunned as the moggy took offence to an alligator trying to eat some chicken.

YouTube Link

It begins with the cat firing off three right jabs before the gator steps back to flash its most menacing stare down ever.

After the tense face off, the gator moves forward, grabs a piece a chicken and wham! gets a right hook straight in the mouth.

As the ‘living fossil’ twists its head and picks up more meat, the cat unleashes three left hooks in quick succession.

The American alligator can weigh up to 800lbs and grow to 13 feet, but our fluffy fighter didn’t care for facts and figures – it simply didn’t like the ugly beast.

Sitting bolt upright, its ears went back and it started hissing.

The gator tried coming at the chicken from a different direction, the cat threw an overhand right, the dazed gator sheepishly retreated into the water and ding! ding! ding! the fight was over.

The cat may be the bravest or most stupid you’ve ever seen and a cynic may argue that the gator has been trained not to attack.

But who’s ever heard of a trained alligator?

Source: Daily Mail



cat app

Where’s the mouse?

Cat flaps have officially had their day. It’s the cat app that is the must-have feline gadget of today. A new iPad app has been developed by the RSPCA in Australia to keep techno-moggies entertained.

The ‘Affection Collection’ is made up of Kitty Raid, where cats have to defend cheese from invading mice, Roller Kitty, where cats can play with a roll of virtual yarn, and Kitty Chef, a game where cats can become chefs.

Designers said they wanted to promote enrichment for cats and highlight their intelligence. A points scoring system helps owners know how well their moggie is performing. The three games are never played twice in a row and move on automatically to keep the cats entertained for as long as possible.

It is hoped it could prove useful if cat owners are struggling to keep their pets indoors. It is also the ideal playmate for lonely moggies.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said: ‘This is a unique concept that RSPCA hopes will really help put cats in the limelight this month, ‘Basically, you place your iPad on the ground, start the game and your cat or kitten can interact with it on his/her own terms.

‘There are automatic features including reset and shuffle, making it easy for cats to navigate this game on their own, and keep them interested’.

It’s not the first time cats have been allowed to play with iPads. Footage on You Tube shows moggies from all over the globe playing cat and mouse games with their owners. The cats seem just as fascinated with the glow of the screen and the repetitive play as everyone else.

Source: Daily Mail



Bad Cat, Good Cat

Book Review

The book was very good. It’s about a girl and a boy who love cats but aren’t allowed one of their own. However they both get them for their birthdays the girl gets a girl cat and the boy gets a boy cat. They both fall in love with their own cats and each other’s cats. Their parents book a holiday and they aren’t allowed to keep animals there because the owners are allergic to them. They have to put them in a cattery(a place where cats go when their owners aren’t with them) where they will be locked up in a cage. No-one wants them to go there but they have to. But they go missing and the owners leave without them. When the cats find their way home there is no food waiting for them and the catflaps are locked. How will they survive now…

It’s perfect for cat-lovers and people who like a mixture of happy and sad stories.

Source: The Guardian


‘Breading’ – Dressing up cats with ‘bread’ next web trend!

Are you over planking? Bored of owling? Tired of Tebowing?

A Facebook group dedicated to dressing cats in bread, and promoted by blogs across the internet, is attempting to create a new internet trend.

‘Breading’ could be taking off because it combines apparently random behaviour with the web’s favourite animal. The Facebook page – entitled ‘Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich’ – has more than 10,000 fans.

It encourages its followers to post their own pictures of the wacky activity, and suggests that they might like to try using tiger bread to do it. But while there is no doubting the authenticity of the photos uploaded by enthusiastic cat-owners, the breading craze may not be quite as much of a grassroots movement as it seems.

The craze got a big boost from blog site Gawker, which claimed yesterday morning that ‘all the cool kids’ had started breading – and just an hour later boasted: ‘Now people can’t stop talking about breading!’ By the evening, another post appeared which claimed that breading had already ‘jumped the shark’ and lost its cool exclusivity.

The whole thing seemed like an elaborate inside joke, spoofing the nature of short-lived crazes which are more likely to be talked about than actually participated in. Nonetheless, plenty of internet users seem happy to use their cats as tools for their own amusement, and perhaps breading really will catch on in the long term.

If you want to do it yourself, you need only two ingredients: bread and cat. Soft bread is recommended, both for your own convenience and for the cat’s comfort. Punch out a head-shaped hole in the middle of the bread, and insert your cat’s head therein.

And be sure to take a picture, to capture that special moment for posterity.

Source: Daily Mail