How Joe & Jill’s can help keep your cat healthy

Your cat is an amazing creature, with some almost super-human abilities. Cats can climb up almost anything, balance on the thinnest of fence panels, negotiate even the most crowded mantlepieces without knocking over priceless ornaments (well, most of the time), and find the comfiest spot on the sofa before anyone else can claim it!

These amazing abilities don’t come easy though – they require years of practice, plenty of rest (why else do cats sleep for 20 hours a day?) and of course a fit and healthy body. And this is where Joe & Jill’s comes in – keeping your cat in tip top physical condition is what Joe & Jill’s is all about, so they can keep on climbing up the curtains, balancing on fences and weaving around your ornaments for as long as possible.

So how do Joe & Jill’s foods help keep cats so healthy? Well it all comes down to our ‘pure & simple’ philosophy which is at the heart of all of our products. We only use high quality natural ingredients (pure) and everything that goes into the foods is there for a reason (simple) – there are no cheap filler such as soya, no unspecified meats such as ‘meat and animal derivatives’ and no artificial additives.

Take a look at the ingredients in our Delicious Chicken & Rice food for example. The first ingredient is chicken which makes up nearly half of the total, and is one of the healthiest protein sources available for cats. Next we have maize and rice, both great sources of healthy energy, followed by poultry fat which provides all those essential fat soluble vitamins and sugar beet pulp which is a source of fibre and acts as a prebiotic to maintain healthy digestive function. Herring and duck meal and egg then add in some different proteins to help provide a totally balanced mix of amino acids, and brewer’s yeast provides a natural source of B vitamins. Finally we have poultry and pork digests which are basically oils that coat the biscuits to add a bit more flavour and energy, and minerals and vitamins to ensure that your cat gets absolutley everything he or she needs every day.

So you can see how everything we use in our foods is there for a good reason and that reason is to keep your cat as healthy and happy as possible. If only we could add some magic powder that keeps their claws off the sofa and we’d have the perfect recipe…

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