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Welcome to Joe & Jill’s

Just like Simon’s Cat (the troublesome puss in the video), our feline friends can be real characters, and that is what makes them so special to us – and why we at Joe & Jill’s want to keep them full of life and energy.

We understand how important a delicious yet healthy diet is for cats’ long term health and wellbeing, and we believe our ‘pure & simple’ philosophy is the best way to create the perfect diet.  Working with top vet Joe Inglis we’ve created a range of unique recipes using only the very best natural ingredients. We use top quality British ingredients including fresh Scottish salmon, chicken and duck, all of which comes from the human food chain, and absolutley no added artificial ingredients such as colours or flavours.

Of course it’s all very well making the healthiest foods possible, but that’s not much use if your cat won’t eat it – which is why we’ve made sure that our recipes are as tasty as they are healthy. Joe’s cat Jill was the original taste tester for the recipes, and thousands of happy cats across the country now agree with her that Joe & Jill’s is the tastiest cat’s dinner around! (It goes without saying that we wouldn’t ever test our foods on cats in cages, but we’ll just say it to make sure there’s no doubt!)